Última actualização: 27-05-2011
Mecalbi-IT Research

At Mecalbi, technology pioneering and innovation drives a continuous research and development (R&D) effort that generates new products and technologies for worldwide markets. Mecalbi makes a significant investiment in R&D and works in close partnership with national R&D organizations and local academic institutions.

Mecalbi-IT has a young motivated team composed by 10 MScs in the areas of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications and, is a spin-off company from Mecalbi, commited in exploit the power of Wireless Communications and the convergence with the Internet for future integration in Mecalbi products. As a knowledge-eager SME, Mecalbi-IT core competences cover a wide array of expertise, which enables us to better address customer requirements and engineering solutions for each project profile. Mecalbi-IT is independent from large manufacturers and proprietary platform providers. Being vendor-independent, enables us to accurately select and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective third-party technologies to each customer specific requirements.